Inner Voice Work

Inner Voice work was born initially from externalising the voice in Narrative Therapy creating the overall structure of helpful and unhelpful voices. Over time and with the use of other psychology approaches, like Systems thinking and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ideas, I have created a technique with a unique ability to accelerate people towards awareness and calm. It is the approach I take with people within the first few sessions. Each time I notice the way they understand their thinking minds, the ways they’ve been tricked into ideas that appeared helpful and protective and seeing the way it opens them up to possibilities of change. It’s a case of once they see it, it’s hard to not see it anymore.

Each time I undertake this technique with someone, I learn about them and their take on the world. I gain new ideas on the tricks and tactics of their inner voice, noticing what strengthens them and what they may need to find calm required to achieve clarity and change. This is not just about assisting people to think a positive thought, though it may be an outcome. This is about having a framework to understand the unique approach each person’s thinking mind has towards life and being able to develop the capacity to step outside of that in a way that helps them employ strategies that help them become more aware of their minds and feelings, allowing them to create change based on wisdom. If anything it is about creating positive realistic, meaningful and achievable approaches to life.

In this training, I will demonstrate the technique for professionals in relation to:

  • Strengthening their inspiration to face fears or change,
  • Choosing topics faced by many clients and demonstrate the depth that can be achieved
  • Helping people break out of resistance, fear and ‘stuckness’ or embrace it
  • Highlighting the intricacies, tricks and tactics of the inner voice using psychological theory and known life philosophies
  • Encouraging open discussion on the technique and ways other theoretical ideas fit
  • Building confidence for practice of the technique with individual reflection and small groups
  • Developing awareness and calm

This training is ideal for personal and professional development. It is practical and perfection is not required for it to be effective.

This technique is also available for group work with clients.