Yooka Laylee MULTI6 x64-x86 installer download torrent

Yooka Laylee MULTI6

Yooka Laylee MULTI6 x64-x86 installer download torrent

Health 26 Seeds 47 Peers

Yooka Laylee MULTI6 Clean torrent


Release Date: 11 April 2017

Styles / Tags: Arcade, jump and run, third-person, 3D

Developer: Playtonic Games

Editors: Team17 Digital

Platform: PC

Engine: Unit 5

Steam Rating: 84% positive reviews of users (based on 25 reviews)

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian

Audio Language: Megh-ugh-oh

Breaking: Not necessarily, Gog DRM-Free


Operating System: Windows7 (64bit)

Processor: Intel i5-2500


VideoTxartela: NVIDIAGTS450/ AMD Radeon 6850HD

DirectX 11

HDD space: 9 GB

Fencing – click to enlarge If you do not see on the screen – disable Adblock


Straight-Laylee Ghana veterans Playtonic open world is a new platformer!

Exploring the vast, beautiful world, meet (and beat) artists memorable and more intuitive buddy duo straight (green) and Laylee (witty big nose) as a business-mzigoPanda on an epic adventure zapuztenkorporatiboa horde go to Capital B and its program to absorb all smartbook world and put them in pure profit!

their actions specified warehouse it, our heroes puzzles and challenging platforming in an attempt Gies them for the gold price to the opening and expansion of a brave new world in a wide variety of surface, each of the characters oddball and gills and satisfy the great hulking, challenges a MineCart, Arcade games, quiz shows, multiplayer games and many more!

features repack

According to the ISO Note: (4404551680 bytes)

100% PerfectLoss MD5: file attachment all installation is identical to the original

NOT messed up, there was re-encoded

Significantly smaller file sizes (GB compressed)

Installation takes 2-4 minutes

Then check the integrity of the installation of what you can do to make sure everything is properly installed

HDD space after installation: 9 GB

At least 2 GBRAM free (incl. Virtual) to be addressed to be reinstalled

Re-pack a FitGirl

Problems with the installation?

honetanrepacksread solving guide

Yooka Laylee MULTI6

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