Start Menu X Pro v6 full Download Torrent

Start Menu X Pro v6

Start Menu X Pro v6 full Download Torrent

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Start Menu X Pro v6 Clean torrent

Start Menu X Pro Multiplelanguages

Menu expert system Start menu.

Gli patent Avanzati Sanno quant ‘e lento scomodo avviare programi dal menu del sistema.

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gruppi virtuali

By using software and programs in the database (time software, etc.) Sensormarekebisho and so on.

Personal avvio clicked

The content of the program can be used as four programaParviyat cartel traveler to click on the map.

configurazione flessibile

specifyperibadimenu, change, and structural change.

kuanzaorodha a menu system for professional users.

Advanced users know how long the program with a slow start from the system menu.

So we created a solution for the most demanding users!

virtual group

You can discover the possibilities offered by their group (office applications, graphics, etc.) without altering the location on the hard disk.

Starting with a single click

With the PRO version you can setThe default program to any folder and click startfolder easy.

easy configuration

You Customizeorodha if you want to change the structure and add another board it.


– Windows XP and Windows 10 (32 64 bit)

– 10 Mb hard disk

Start Menu X Pro v6

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