AS SSD Benchmark 1 Portable torrent

AS SSD Benchmark 1

AS SSD Benchmark 1 Portable torrent

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AS SSD Benchmark 1 Clean torrent

The free utility, AS SSD benchmark identify performance solid-state drive in your computer or smart device. It contains at least six separate synthetic benchmark tests and three copies. They work just as well, or not, of solid state drive enables to produce worksany remedial measures that may be required as a result.

Overview AS SSD benchmark

Synthetic tests in software is defined as sequential and read / zapysProduktyvnist eachsolidDisk they display. Importantly, the test is performed tanpamenggunakan operating system cache images so true to come into the world. For example, in «Seq Test» software measures how long it takes to write the file you just 1GB in size, and then readhim. There is another, “4K Test», reading and writing is measured when selected at random 4 kilobytes of memory blocks are selected. Steps another test how 4KBs data is read and distributed transactions whenzapysuyutsyaale 64 rivers. This test should represent Command Queuing (NCQ) solid state driveamong other things, for example, the difference between IDE treatment – where NCQ does not support – and work AHCI mode.

Interaction with AS SSD benchmark

The technical part of the software that is useful for professionals hardware, AS SSD Benchmark, basically formsscore. It can convert a lot of tests protsesivi in ​​what can be more easily understood comparing one drive to another. At the end of the seriestest, three values ​​to perform read and write to the SSD output is measured. adalahditampilkan comfortable resultscompressive test in a graphical format, making them easier to take. For example, this chart axis points to the compressibility of the data, which makes some light reading. A copy of the test, which is accessible from the menu Toolkopiyuvannya test, a test resultsFolder made. Remnants of this test computer’s cache, so that the correct reading can be obtained. Some road test must demonstrate device performancedrive with simultaneous read and write operations under some conditions. Another baikTes compression is one of the showsperformance solid state drive is expressed as a function of the compressibility of the data that is being provided. An important drawback is that the user interface onlyon Germany, which may put off some users. Therefore, it is quite easyall different work functions without being an expert linguist and a variety of screens laid out in a reasonable manner that enablesfind out exactly what happened.


This is a technical tool that is really only useful for computerengineers adalahmencoba to diagnose computer problems. For example, if it will help develop tverdotilnyypryvid responsible for running slow, or if the problem is with other PC components.

AS SSD Benchmark 1

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