One on One

Working one-on-one with a psychologist can be a great opportunity to gain a depth of understanding that you have never had before. The session is tailored to your needs. It is a great place to begin working on understanding what isn’t working and taking the time to set your life in the direction you would prefer it to go. The sessions will feel intense at times. Self care is important. Maybe take some time at the end of the session to stop and reflect on what it is you would like to take away and practice. In the sessions, you may gather understanding and ideas. Outside of the session is the place to put that understanding and those ideas into practice.

In my experience, those people that attend one-on-one sessions have a goal of taking ownership of their life and getting the best out of it. Many may initially attend one-on-one sessions as a way of overcoming a particular challenge. But most soon learn that therapy can be a way of accessing strengths that enable them to be more of the person they want to be. They see therapy more as a resource to help them to live the life they most want to be living, creating more instances of success, and putting you at an advantage in life.

The focus of our thinking in sessions

  • Mapping what life looks life for you
  • Deciding how you would like life to be
  • Finding balance
  • Gaining inner thought awareness
  • Discovering emotional processes
  • Understanding how processes and roles may be handed down generationally
  • Noticing the presence of multiple rich stories within each story
  • Discovering what philosophies add strength and meaning to your life
  • Practicing mindfulness and becoming an observer
  • Creating new paths and opportunities for self
  • Accessing the subconscious for long lasting effective change