Infertility and Fertility

Infertility can be one of the biggest challenges that a person faces. For those of us that have always believed children are in the life plan, the prospect of not having them can be unthinkable. The fears ingrained in thoughts triggers emotional responses and places undue stress on a person undergoing already stressful fertility treatment.

It is the game of hope. As the temperature chart, rises through the month and evens out all is looking unbelievably promising. But if that temperature starts to drop, and hopes begin to crash, life can become challenging. When trying to have a baby, there is the danger that everything else lacks importance including the relationship where it is hoped a future baby will be brought into. Non-baby related goals can fall away to leave the existence of only one dream, a baby. Children and pregnant belly’s are everywhere reminding the person of the life they want the most and seems impossible to achieve. When infertility is at its strongest, the activities that were once enjoyed can seem pointless. Special occasions become dreaded occasions. And the cycle of hope and loss can become overwhelming, where nothing else matters but the next course of treatment.

Infertility is an area that I have personal and professional experience in. The philosophies and ideas that drive my work are useful in approaching this life challenge with awareness and calm. I am interested in working with singles or couples experiencing this issue and, of course, should the need arise would love to work with these ideas in a group.

Helpful Therapeutic Strategies for Coping with Fertility Issues

  • Awareness of thought and emotion is integral in noticing how darkness can overtake a life where more opportunity for lightness may be present. Mindfulness and present moment awareness contains helpful ideas for coping with Infertility.
  • Relationship awareness and managing anxieties within the emotional process in a crisis can be helpful in overcoming some effects of infertility on the key relationships. Connection and regulating self, rather than separation is the focus.
  • Maintaining balance in life’s activities and relationships can aid in strengthening a person through the infertility process.
  • Understanding dominant narratives regarding mothering and roles that are nurturing, establishing how they can be helpful in coping with infertility.
  • Connecting with depth and meaning in life focusing on the highs and lows of your own life journey and how it relates to the fertility process.
  • Accessing a healthy lifestyle and natural therapies as a way of strengthening health and well being can also aid in a sense of well being which can in turn help with fertility.

Infertility and Awareness and Calm: the group experience

While I continue to see people experiencing the challenge of any issue, I am currently accepting expressions of interest for an Infertility group. The groups will be conducted over a period of 8 weeks.A commitment from 6 participants is required for the group to go ahead. The Medicare rebate may be available if there are a minimum of six participants and you are eligible. The goal will be to use the philosophies at Awareness and Calm to strengthen your psychological commitment to health, balance and long term weight loss. Please call or email to put your name on the list!