Group Work

Group Work is a core strength of my services at Awareness and Calm. The individual, couple and family therapy stems from this framework. It has been implemented successfully in the community sector and education sectors. The strength of the framework is that it is philosophy driven, utilises the skills and experience of the participants, using a flexible format that can be pulled out with little planning once you are aware of the process.

In a world where money is tight, and needs are high, time efficient effective and therapeutic programs are of the essence. As a professional the goal would be to have a folder containing your structured program that can be called upon to deliver at a moments notice as the need in your service arises. Too often we see the need, but don’t have time to develop the program to address it. Over time, the resource book can be added to and this increases the flexibility of the program.

A number of training options are available.

  1. A one, two or three day workshop providing an overall structure of the Awareness and Calm framework and the way that philosophy and therapeutic modalities can add power to the outcomes of the group. The longer the program (ie 3 days) the more experiential the training will be giving the same experience that the client will experience with the added theoretical underpinning. In this group process, Narrative, Systems and ACT therapies are used but should you be interested in developing groups using your own favourite modalities option three may be interesting to you.
  2. Training on some of the various techniques that can be helpful in encouraging awareness and calm when working with your clients. Mini sessions are available within each of the topics upon request. (See structure of the program below)
  3. A workshop on using any therapeutic philosophy in group work can assist any professional to strengthen the outcomes of their group and develop a structure all of their own. This training will encourage the participant to choose their favourite therapeutic modalities, highlight some of the favourite philosophies and develop a structure and a series of unique techniques that they can draw upon and use at a moments notice for any issue in their work.
For any training requests please contact Kelli on 0435 942 899

Structure of the Program

  • Philosophy
  • Metaphor for Change
  • Mapping Life Challenge
  • Inner Voice Work
  • Family Systems
  • Relationships
  • Emotional Balance
  • Strengths and Purpose
  • Storytelling and Celebration