Final Fantasy X X 2 pc torrent

Final Fantasy X X 2

Final Fantasy X X 2 pc torrent

Health 38 Seeds 37 Peers

Final Fantasy X X 2 Clean torrent



Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster (c) SQUARE ENIX

Date of issue: 05/2016 Protection: steam

Discs: 1 Type: RPG

Final Fantasy X tells the story of star-player blitz, Tidus,

Anayesafiri him for a young and beautiful summoner named Yuna

Saving the world from Spira before endless cycle

destructionBy colossal threat of Sin. Final Fantasy X-2

Refer to the world of Spira two years after the start of

Eternal rest strange but familiar image shown

sphere,Yunainakuwa Sphere Hunter and beside him

Companions Rikku and Paine, goes to worldwide efforts

Find the answers hidden.

For more information, see:

– extract

– Burn or Visa

-Run and install

– break CODEX toInstalldir

– Game

Notes: You can change the language to “Setting” menu

FFX and select it from the first dropbox.

General information:

– prevent the game exe from your firewall to prevent the game to play

Try to use the Internet

– If you install games on wakokuendesha drive system, couldbe necessary

AroundThis game with administrator rights instead

CODEX are currently seeking

Nothing but the competition!

Are you ready?



Final Fantasy X X 2

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