Anxiety Treatment in Sydney

A Different Approach to Anxiety Treatment in Sydney

Seeking treatment for anxiety can be daunting. It can be yet another thing to have to work up the courage to face. The program I have developed is invaluableto the long term treatment of anxiety. Promoting awareness and calm can open a person up to a new way of experiencing the world.This anxiety treatment encourages you to ‘Face Everything And Rise’ (FEAR). Practising the ideas and bringing healing into all aspects of life will bring the results. The aim of this approach to the treatment of anxiety is to have a stronger sense of self, a deeper understanding of thoughts and emotions, and a connection to purpose and meaning.With a commitment to change, the wisdom gained from this treatment of anxiety can be applied to other life challenges. I am situated in Cheltenham, the Bayside area of Sydney.

Anxiety can and does arise in everyday life and relationships affecting our reactivity to people and situations. For most of us, anxiety is a normal part of life and is helpful for people to explore in order to increase their awareness and have a stronger sense of self and well-being as they approach relationships and life’s challenges.

Anxiety Treatment Sydney

For some people though, anxiety can be taken to a whole other level. It can be crippling. In order to avoid a chronic panic attack they will step out of life, away from opportunities and live a half-life. It is incredibly common and affects people in different ways. Some people know that they need help but are too anxious to seek it.

Anxiety can be the hidden force under depression, anger, grief and loss. It can be the result of trauma and prolonged life stress. Anxiety when it dominates mean that life is lived in fear. A great quote was floating around at one point and I couldn’t help but write it down. Fear can represent one of two things, to “forget everything and run” or “face everything and rise.” The program I have available will encourage you to “face everything and rise.” Avoidance might give you a holiday from fear, but facing life will give you far more freedom and fulfillment in the long term.

Anxiety Treatment – Helpful Therapeutic Strategies

  • Mindfulness of the activity of the mind is incredibly important in slowing down the physiological responses associated with anxiety. Inner voice work and emotional awareness are an integral part to reducing and shifting anxious thinking.
  • Finding ways of accessing a sense of balance in life and seeking deeper meaning in the activities you fill your life with can increase stability and purpose and lead to a more fulfilling life. Emotional and physical strength and well-being is beneficial in overcoming anxiety.
  • Gaining awareness of the ways that anxiety can be a symptom that travels within a family can be beneficial in understanding the causes. Looking at the roles we play and how that helps the family to function can be fascinating insightful work.
  • Accessing alternative therapies and a lifestyle that aids in health and fitness can be beneficial to recovery from anxiety.

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Appointments are available on weekdays and Saturday mornings. Medicare and Health fund rebates may apply. For a fee schedule, feel free to contact to phone or email.