My goal as a psychologist is to assist you to approach life's gifts and challenges with awareness and calm

I am here to help you to gain clarity about the life you most want to live and find the strategies most suited to make it happen.

Psychologists in Sydney– Kelli Bradicich (Counselling psychologist)

Kelli Bradicich is a Psychologist in Sydney: My mission as a counselling psychologist is to assist people to approach life’s gifts and challenges with awareness and calm.I am here to help you to gain clarity about the life you most want to live and find the strategies most suited to make it happen.My practice is philosophy driven. You bring the expertise of your life. It is my job to stay curious, to listen to what is working and find out how you overcome challenges, all the while discovering ways to increase your understanding of self and awareness of the ways you relate to others. I believe strongly in building on what you know and what already works while seeing where new ideas might fit with your thinking.

The approach is practical and can be amplified by accessing the subconscious using hypnosis and creative visualisation.

The focus of our thinking in sessions

  • Mapping what life looks life for you
  • Deciding how you would like life to be
  • Finding balance
  • Gaining inner thought awareness
  • Discovering emotional processes
  • Understanding how processes may be handed down generationally
  • Noticing the presence of multiple rich stories within each story
  • Discovering what philosophies add strength and meaning to your life
  • Practicing mindfulness and becoming an observer
  • Creating new paths and opportunities for self
  • Accessing the subconscious for long lasting effective change


Where do these ideas come from?

I am passionate about Narrative Therapy, Systems Thinking and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The philosophies and ideas behind each of these modalities combine beautifully to become a powerful method for working with people. The ideas work individually, in couples and families and in group work as each person can see what works for them and chooses what they think will be helpful.

My work has evolved over 23 years of study and experience with people from many and varied backgrounds, age ranges experiencing different challenges. Regardless of the issue, it is my observation that once a person learns to understand their emotional and thought processes within the context of the relationships they encounter with awareness, mindfulness and a strong sense of self, they have the capacity to negotiate any challenge.

Looking for a psychologist in Sydney?

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